Jahorina is the Olympic Mountain in eastern part of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is named after a tree maple which was covered in the past. Mountain belongs to Dinara mountains. From other mountain is distinguished beautiful terrain configuration, which makes it great for skiers, hikers, hunters and fishermen. Here everyone can enjoy, because Jahorina provides a rest for body and spirit.

The highest peak is Ogorjelica at 1916 m above sea level. Near the peak is the exit station of six-seats lift Ogorjelica. From the peak you can enjoy superb view of the Gola Jahorina, but also on the slopes of Romanija mountain on north, Treskavica and Maglic on south.


Olympic Centre Jahorina

Ski resort manages the Olympic center Jahorina. Total length of ski slopes is about 20 kilometers. There are ten ski slopes of different difficulty: blue, red and black. Minimum altitude of ski trails is 1300 m measured at the finish Praca ski slope, and the highest altitude at the start of ski slope Poljice, Sator, Ogorjelica I and Ogorjelica II, 1880 m above sea level.

In August 2009, at Jahorina were built two new six-seat on ski slopes Poljice and Ogorjelica, individual capacity of 2,000 skiers per hour. Lifts put in use in February 2010. Six-seat Skocine was built in 2013 and is with this project vertical transportation on Jahorina modernized. Artificial snowing is set to the folds of the ski slopes. A completely artificial snowing is built on ski slope Skocine. Installed 46 fixed and mobile cannons for artificial snowing. The total length of the artificial snowing route is 3290 m.



Jahorina is located in eastern part of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located 12 km from Pale and 25 kilometers from Sarajevo. From Banja Luka is located 210 km, 320 km of Belgrade, Novi Sad, 290 km, 350 km of Zagreb, Split 320 km and Podgorica 270 km.



The first tourists at Jahorina were Austro-Hungarians, who came here in an organized hunting and hiking in the late 19th and early 20th century. 1923 at Jahorina has built the first hotel. Today this building is called Hotel Sator. In the same year on Jahorina has passed the first pair of skis.

The first lift on Jahorina was built and opened 29.11.1952. year. Mountain truly prosperity during the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984, when the Jahorina held alpine events for women.

After the Olympic Games 1984 infrastructure on the mountain have been modernized. Old and new hotel capacities and ski fields refined and improved.